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Fine & Dandy (Décollage Imminent) - Mixed By Kartell by Selektors Groovecast Peut-Être! (PNC Aux Portes) - Mixed By Jean Tonique by Selektors Groovecast (La Selection) - Mixed by Zov by Selektors Groovecast ×

About Selektors

Selektors, musical influencers, enthusiasts, sound makers and barrier breakers. Just like the first DJs - or selectors – to come onto the scene, we’re the authority on the most sophisticated sounds, the beats that make you move, the tracks that truly strike a chord, the tunes that leave you wanting more.

Established by a group of ambitious music aficionados in November 2010, The Selektors Agency Inc. is a Montreal-based business community that embodies all of the above.

We produce and manage talent stemming mainly from the electronic music scene, as well as organize events starring the most elegant and innovative international artists epitomizing our very own musical influences.

In addition, we strive to sign and produce Montreal’s brightest young stars surfing on the Selektors' musical wave.

Our main goal as a production company is to bring back French House along with the genuine and edgy “French Touch” it’s known for. In light of this, we book all international DJs and producers willing to contribute to our musical movement, and this in Montreal's most becoming venues.

Indeed, a great majority of the artists we strive to book often come from what we like to call “Europe’s Golden Triangle", namely Paris, London and Berlin. From groovy Disco/House to Electro/Pop beats and addictive Minimal/Techno tracks, our artists will ensure that you reach eargasm on the dancefloor.

We aim to be the trailblazers in this niche scene and believe that any talented artists representing our core values and musical influences are worthy of taking over Montreal's educated yet unaware crowd for just one night: each of our events is unique; you’ll never hear the same tracks twice and every performance is an exclusive... by all accounts, our events are one-night stands you’ll never forget!


What's New?

the Agency presents the most genuine french house roster, the "SelektCLUB" formed by Kartell, Jean Tonique & Cherokee.

Selektors is proud to announce that Go Go Bizkitt has officially joined its talent roaster

Be sure to check out the pictures from our last party on Props to Jérôme Suard for the amazing pictures!


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